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    Mains Recipes

    Creamy Beef Rigatoni

    Good evening lovelies, I hope you are well. I really wanted a pasta bake but was too hungry to wait for it in the oven so when i saw my double…

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    Mains Recipes

    Cumin Chicken Curry

    One thing I miss about staying at my parents home, is coming home to hearty meals. I tend to get tired of my quick fixes. On the days where I’m feeling…

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    Mains Recipes

    Sweet Szechuan Beef

    Hello lovelies, I’ve been terrible for the past 2 weeks I have just been eating takeaway, yesterday the guilt finally crept in when I was picking up the phone to dial for…

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    Healthy Mains Recipes Sides/Snacks

    Thyme&Garlic Potatoes

    Hello Lovelies!! I’m so excited and those that follow me on social media will know why. inHeathersKitchen now has a youtube channel, which will make it easier for me to share my…

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    Mains Recipes

    Prawn&Lemon Spaghetti

    Monday! A day hated by most- I call it the back to reality day. No more partying , no more having fun but instead it’s the back to work, school, uni day (for…

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    Mains Recipes

    Prawn Fried Rice

    Midweek, calls for quick meals, my midweek meal is: prawn fried rice- with a kick!  Aint nobody got time, to be standing over the hob for hours, which is why this recipe is perfect as it can…

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    Breakfast Healthy Mains Recipes

    Ham Omlette

    Good morning beautiful people!! Let me start by apologising for the lack of posts,  I’ve been moving houses, so the pasts weeks have been hectic, but I love my new apartment…