Hello Lovelies and welcome to my blog.

I come from a family where cooking flows through our veins from admiring my grans loving and traditional style of cooking to growing up to my mothers experimental and contemporary touch the inspiration to cook was never far. I found it necessary to find my own style and that saw the invention of IHK to continue the family tradition.
Join me on my journey as I let you into my life through my expression in the kitchen. This is not just a hobby but forms part of our who I am. IHK aims to provide quick simple recipes to your kitchen with a hint of love and family history. I can share my passion through delivering a mix of old and new, fun and intimate cooking experiences with you.
I hope to get ideas and feedback from you, as well as hear what you would like to see me cook. Remember if you do try out any of my recipes use the hash tag #inheatherskitchen so I can check it out. Thank you for stopping by xx