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Banana, Strawberry&Spinach Smoothie

Strawberry and banana smoothie

Good Morning beautiful People! I hope you are all well, today I am going to be sharing Β a quick simple smoothie recipe. I love smoothies, they are my go to breakfast meals because they are perfect for the morning, they do not require a lot of effort to make, but they taste absolutely fantastic.Β 

IΒ do hope you try the recipe below, if you do please take pictures and post them with the hashtag #inheatherskitchen on all social media sites so I can check it out. See you soon x



1 Banana

8 Strawberries

Handful Spinach

3 Icecubes

10 ML Almond milk


  1. Freeze your banana and strawberries for a minimum for 2 hours.
  2. In a blender, blitz all your ingredients and your smoothie is done :)

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