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Tomato Bruschetta


A beautiful Sunday like this calls for a very easy snack: tomato,onion & basil bruschetta. This dish goes well with the weather we have today, a little bit of sun calls for light meals. Bruschetta is really just a fancy way of saying toast with toppings of choice. And today the toppings I’ve gone for are tomato, onion and basil. These three ingredients work so beautiful together the onion gives the dish a crunch, the tomatoe gives the soft texture and basil gives it a wonderful aroma, simply beautiful. So I do hope you try the recipe below, if you do please take pictures and post them with the hashtag #inheatherskitchen on all social media sites so I can check it out. See you soon x

Makes two bruschetta


2 slices of tiger bread

1 chopped tomato

1/4 chopped red onion

4 leaves chopped basil

2tsp of balsamic vinegar

1 tbsp oil

pinch of salt


  1. In the oven grill the bread for 4 mins  at 200 degrees Celsius till toasted.
  2. In a bowl add your onion, tomato, basil, vinegar, oil and salt give it a gentle mix.
  3. The place the tomatoe mixture on top of toasted bread and you are done :)


IMG_7910__1443965049_94.190.193.138    IMG_7900__1443964948_94.190.193.138


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