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Tomato & Basil Pasta


Todays 4th meal in the back to uni series is a tomato basil pasta, this is definitely the cheapest meal of the week as it only requires  3 ingredients, the total cost of the meal was a whooping £1.79!! Yes I said it £1.79! This can be your rock bottom meal, when all your funds have run out on the partying 9or whatever else it is that you may be doing in uni) and you cant ring mummy or daddy to give you money because you know the lecture that will come along side it- you can thank me later. This meal is very light yet filing too, I would recommend you to have it for lunch but nothings stopping you from having it for dinner, or even breakfast its completely up to you! Anyway I hope you try the recipe below, if you do please take pictures and post them with the hashtag #inheatherskitchen on all social media sites so I can check it out. Also don’t forget to subscribe. See you soon x

(I bought all my ingredients from Tesco, so others shops may vary in price )

Serves One


60g Dried Pasta

1 Fresh Chopped Tomato

4 Chopped Basil Leaves

2 tspn Oil

Salt and Pepper


  1. In a saucepan boil your pasta in salted water for 14 mins.
  2. Once done drain your pasta put it in a bowl add your tomato basil leaves and oil give it a mix then add some black pepper . And you are done :)

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