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Steak & Blue Cheese…


Cheese is one of my favorite ingredients. I put cheese in ALOT of my savoury dishes- tends to worry the people around me, but trust me guys it usually tastes real good. However, as much as I love cheese I had never been a fan of blue cheese (even though I had never tasted it), I reckon it’s because it’s a stale cheese so the thought of it always used to put me off. But then, as I’m always cooking I had to overcome my distorted thoughts of disgust and try it. I now admit it’s not as bad as I thought it’d be, it really makes a great difference when put in different dishes. Today I had a blue cheese and steak sandwich and this is the recipe I’m going to share with all you lovely people. I do hope you try it, if you do please use the hashtag #inheatherskitchen so I can check it out. See you soon x


Makes one sandwich.


1 Steak

1tbsp Olive oil

5g Blue cheese

1 Ciabatta roll

Salt and pepper


1. Slice Ciabatta bread roll in half and place the two halves in the grill for 5mins.

2. Meanwhile heat a sauce pan with the oil and fry your steak  for 3 mins on each side. Season with salt and pepper

3. Place the steak on the bread roll add your cheese. And you are done :)




IMG_6896__1437047862_90.203.238.64     IMG_6886__1437047590_90.203.238.64     IMG_6899__1437048077_90.203.238.64

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